Auto Destruct

by Behind The Pieces

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released May 22, 2015

All tracks composed by Behind the Pieces

Nora Elise Stemland - Vocals (all tracks)
Mathias Handberg - Guitar (all tracks)
Markus Sebastian Bjørndal - Guitar (all tracks except track 1)
William Pedersen - Bass (all tracks)
Gustav Pedersen - Drums (track 6)

Henrik Mavlud - Drums & Percussion (tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8)
Nightmare Lyre - Drums (track 4), Growls (track 6)

Artwork, design & layout: Nora Elise Stemland

Mixed, mastered and recorded at Bratten Lydstudio, Hunstad Kultursenter and Store Studio AS



all rights reserved


Behind The Pieces Bodø, Norway

Five piece band from northern Norway, that plays a mix of Rock, Punk and Metal!

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Track Name: On The Run
The winter was long and I needed to move on
The train was my escape
I guess it was my faith
I had to run

Tonight this train is my chamber
Tonight I'm waiting to die
You took my sister
Am I the next?

At last I am safe
Escaping from my grave
But suddenly I saw
That you were there as well
I'm on the run


You were possessed
And tried to catch me
But someone saw you
Now you are the one on the run


I miss you so
Where can I go?
To see you again
My only friend
Track Name: CAL
We're not real are we?
Hey, who turned out the lights?
How do we leave it?
I saw the doctor
But then I forgot

It's in the shadows
In the library
The world is wrong
Leave the library

Don't let the shadows cross
Hey, who turned out the lights?
How do we leave it?
Who is the doctor?
But then I understood

We did not come here
To the library
We came from here
Leave the library

We are all programmed
Hey, who turned out the lights?
How do we leave it?
Who is the doctor?
But then I understood

These are our forests
In the library
Auto destruct in one second
Next stop everywhere

Next stop everywhere
Track Name: What To Do
Why are you so against me?
What did I do wrong?
When I try to defend me
You won't even give it a go

I didn't see this coming
I thought you were my friend
Now I am feeling so alone

Not knowing what to do
Not knowing what to feel
This is just a game
Why did I think it was real?

I am so confused now
Hiding behind a smile
Searching for the truth
But it only lasts for a while

With your deceptive motivations
You misused my trust
Are you friend or foe?
Will you stay or go?

Track Name: Choices
It's all so sad, I want you so bad
The lost desires are driving me mad
Light is lost and stars are gone
Hope is frozen, I need to move on

It's the wrong tone, I'm feeling alone
It makes gold turn into stone
Sorrowing thoughts, consuming my mind
My head is empty, there's nothing to find

Thinking through
Hating you
Loud noises makes bad choices

Saying sorry, I need to worry
It's a weird complicated story
Patching up the wounds that I make
A complex side, it's to hard to take

An endless pit, its a crucial hit
I'm sitting here taking shit
Unsolved problems terrorizing me
But now I realize it's too late to flee


Should I end it early?
It would clear things surely
I used to be a badass
But now I cannot pass
Track Name: Into The Forest
The fault is mine
I let you in when I shouldn't
Now I can't get away
From what you think is help

You just don't see
The problems, they are real
Now I'm getting away
From what you think is help

Into the forest, to run away from you
Just wanna be alone, 'cause I'm done
Into the forest, this dark and lonely place
Where you cannot find me until I beg for grace

I dropped the key
Can't let you in again
The door is close
How can this come to an end?

I can't see the reason
I'm sick of feeling this way
And now I am alone
'Cause you told me to be gone


What was I thinking?
'Cause the truth is that you
Are what I need
That's all I need

You once told me
It's harder to get back up
Than avoid falling
I shouldn't have ignored it

[Chorus 2x]

And now I beg, I beg to get you back
Track Name: Demons
Demons are coming, they appear from the smoke
Which way to choose?
What have I to lose?

The mighty dragon, guarding the castle
Come from above, to take my love

The demons are manic
I start to panic
Deep in the castle
I hide

Dragon, why do you let the evil in?

The circle is broken
They're closer and closer
Fractured in pain
What is there to remain?

[Chorus 2x]
Track Name: Bitching On A Low Level
Power, it's the one thing you want
You always strive, to be in the front
Respect isn't enough
To get yourself up, get yourself up

You're looking for someone who's weak
You're looking for someone to break
You got that evil
You're bitching on a low level!

At first you can seem nice, but when I think twice
I realize your lies comes with a price
You always get away with (criticize)
To get yourself up, get yourself up


And you will never change
You always have a trick to play
No one can make you stop
To get yourself up, get yourself up


Bitching on a low level!
Track Name: Summer Night Art
The midnight sun is on fire
It's taking me higher
To another dimension
Full of inspiration

Painting on the wall
But I couldn't run away
'Cause the night was shining
Night and day

Summer night, always light
You cannot hide, cannot hide
Summer night, always light
Making art, don't get caught

The city is crowded
And nobody's grounded
The music is playing
This is what they're saying

Some say it's vandalism
Some say it's art
But I bring a message
To share with you